DroneMagic Product

The First Quick and Easy Autonomous Flight Software Solution

Designed as a comprehensive commercial aerial drone operating platform, DroneMagic includes an extensive set of software functionality to support unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone missions.  Each flight includes tools for planning, flight, data capture and post flight analysis.

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Operating Modes

    • DroneMagic’s autonomous drone flight software for DJI Drones features four (4) operating modes listed below. Each mode includes auto takeoff, flight to any number of preselected waypoints for mission data capture objectives, and safe return to home.

• WayPoint – Waypoint pilotless flights are configurable video or photo missions to any number of pre-selected locations. Through the DroneMagic software application interface, the dwell time, altitude, focal point, camera angles and other drone attributes are pre-set for each mission. A WayPoint mission will return to home automatically.

Examples: Real estate-related video creation, building and roof inspections, agricultural multispectral analysis, land and flat roof thermal imaging, construction monitoring, surveillance and collecting video and photos for any historical comparative requirement.

• HotPoint – Ideal for immediate mission to a single geographic point, HotPoint pilotless flights are pre-configured line of sight missions that fly a circular pattern around a pre-selected waypoint. Flight will return home when directed by drone operator. While the mission is in progress, this mode includes an option for on-the-fly remote control override of altitude, gimbal setting and speed.

Examples: Media and social events, environmental monitoring, home or building surveillance.

QuickPoint – QuickPoint autonomous missions provide beyond visual line of sight missions to a single waypoint having advance FAA Part 107 approval. A QuickPoint mission allows for a point-to-point aerial drone mission video or photo capture. All QuickPoint flights will automatically fly, capture media content and safely return home.

Examples: News events, capture for timely website image or video footage updating, golf course maintenance inspections, historical plant health analysis and thermal imaging.

• Orthomosaic Mapping Missions – DroneMagic Mapping provides rapid and fully automated set-up capability. Enter the mission’s altitude, desired side and forward overlap as a percentage and desired flight speed. The app’s Google Maps interface will create a rectangle around intended mapping area. DroneMagic will automatically draw-in the mapping lanes that are graphically displayed. Captured hi-res and thermal photo images that are ready for orthomosaic processing as the last step in generating hi-quality, time sensitive mapping deliverables.

Examples: Comprehensive mapping for agricultural fields, managed communities, campuses, resorts and golf courses. Ideal for any multispectral, thermal or hi-res photographic mapping mission.

1. Plan

    • Visualize flight plans on Google Maps interface
    • Create and schedule missions
    • Fully integrated Google Maps flight plan creator
      • Tap screen to create one or more mission waypoints and camera focal points
      • Integration with Google Maps “Street View” feature to optimize targeted waypoint placement
    • Visual confirmation via color coded flight path
    • Named waypoints to optimize flight data for post-mission analysis
    • Toggle between drone live stream camera view and Google Maps Satellite view
    • Easily reload past flight mission plans to provide comparative assessment data
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2. Fly

    • All DroneMagic flights are configured to provide a comprehensive set of safety features to prevent accidents.
      • Drone loss prevention features are included with each flight including battery monitoring, and obstacle avoidance.
      • Flights will return home automatically when the battery’s capacity reaches its distance threshold.
      • All flight operating modes include automated software to conform to safe operating altitude levels.
    • View the live mission progress on DroneMagic’s Google Maps interface
    • Integrated request for Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) authorization through DJI’s Geo Unlock
    • Fly with GPS-aided automated grid and waypoint patterns or manual controller option

3. Capture

    • Select video, photo or thermal imaging data capture
      • Selectable mode option for video or photo capture by mission
      • DroneMagic’s camera positioning option points drone camera forward as it travels to a waypoint.
      • Preview video from drone wirelessly (applies Mavic2 DJI Drones)
    • Wireless data transfer of photos with assigned waypoint naming
    • Website integration plug-in option
      • Upload flight data and captured media for use within a website
      • Compress photos into a web optimized format
    • Video capture options
      • Optionally capture video from the home point to the first waypoint
      • Optionally capture video from the last waypoint to home
      • Stream live via YouTube – applies to line of sight (LOS) flights
    • Increase image processing accuracy with RTK drone data.
    • Store unlimited flight logs, imagery, photos, video, and uploaded files
    • Export and integrate with 3D modeling software to generate orthomosaics, digital surface models, and contour maps
    • Review inspection results and review mission and portfolio-level summaries
    • File folder for each mission provides complete set of capture data elements
    • Access flight logs, including flight playback and screen captures
    • More effectively manage your drone equipment with mission usage tracking
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DroneMagic Software uses an intuitive Google Maps integration to plan the mission and can then autonomously fly, capture content and safely return home!